Our Goal

The foundation for everything we do as a church is summarized by our Mission Statement, which says:

"LivingWater exists in order to guide people into a growing love for God, love for people and life of Service.This is based on the Great Commandments and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ."

[Matthew 22:36-40; Matthew 28:19-20]

Our Pastors

LivingWater is led by a Pastor team, working with a large crew of volunteer staff. 

Our current Pastors are our lead Pastor Dave McWhorter and Co-Pastor Dave Inks

Our Staff

Our team leaders, which we call our Go To Team, is comprised of over 15 individuals who work together with the pastors to keep things organized and moving forward to accomplish our goals.

Our History

LivingWater was formed in the fall of 1997 with the goal of growing a church that is fully devoted to Christ, while being fully engaged with the needs of the people around us. We have moved around a lot over the years, but in 2016 we finally settled into the “big blue church” building at 17125 Fordline street in Riverview, Michigan. Along the way, we’ve learned the clear lesson that the church is people, not a building. But we’re thankful for our facility and hope to use it to serve Jesus Christ in meaningful ways.

Our Service to Others

LivingWater offers many opportunities to serve both within the context of the church, as well as in the surrounding community. We partner with local food kitchens, clothes closets and crisis pregnancy centers to help people in need. We’re involved in child poverty relief, and we also have a Celebrate Recovery group [for hurts, habits and hangups] that meets at 6:30pm on Monday evenings. You can find out more about that HERE